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Misión y Visión

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Mission and Goals

The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Fajardo Campus reaffirms its commitment to provide an education of excellence, engaged with the democratic values and the Christian principles, in a Christian ecumenical context, in the northeastern area of Puerto Rico. With the diversity of necessities and interests of its students and the demands of the society, it is distinguished by its pre-university programs, sub-graduates, graduates and professional certificates. The quality of the teaching, the curriculum pertinence, the nontraditional study modalities and the professor/student relation constitutes the fundamental base of the academia.

In its effort to form gifted professionals of a high ethic, social and cultural sense it orients the academic gesture to foment in the students the desire to learn along life, the valorization for the knowledge acquired and the opportunity of professional specialization. In addition, it strives to strengthen its personal, social and intellectual skills inside a university context to obtain an integral human being. Finally, it recognizes the right of every human being to develop its maximum potentials, and does not discriminate for reasons of sex, age, color, race, social origin, nationality, or religion.


1. To offer academic pre-university, sub graduate, graduate and professional certificate programs.
2. To provide an up-to-date education adapted to the needs of the Eastern Region of Puerto Rico and to the  diversity of students that the FC receives by a continuous process of evaluation of its programs and services.
3. To promote the continual professional development of the faculty in order to contribute to an effective and pertinent teaching-learning process.
4. To foster awareness and an inquiring attitude toward the social, economic, political and environmental problems of Puerto Rico.
5. To propitiate the discussion and the diffusion of moral values applied to the social cohabitation, to the family, and the professional world.
6. To promote the efficient utilization of the technological advances.
7. To promote the professional and personal development of the members of the community through cultural and educational activities programs.
8. To develop a pastoral plan to take care of the spiritual necessities of the members of the university community.
9. To offer optimal quality services to the student population.


The Fajardo Campus will be recognized by its diversity in the academic offering and a dynamic and innovative curriculum at the vanguard in the nontraditional education, in a frame of academic and social responsibility, ethic and civic share.

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